Someone Needs This Today

Someone needs this today. 💖😘

Everything has to be in God's timing. 
Did you know you aren't in charge of the harvest?
Think about that for a minute. Let it sink in.
You are NOT in charge of the harvest. 
Your job is to plant the seeds and water the field.
God's job is to bring you the harvest because HE is the provider. All through scripture God reassures us that we are more important than sparrows and that in His goodness and mercy, as our provider, we would be taken care of. 

Faith means you step out of your comfort zone and ,even when you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, you keep planting those seeds. You keep watering those seeds and you patiently and faithfully wait for God's perfect timing to bring your harvest.
Let me tell you that I'm not where I wanna be. Not because I don't work my tail to the bone but because this isn't God's timing. I had to learn to be a better leader and friend before God blesses me in that manner.
I had lessons to learn through it all. 

Do you not think the God who spoke the universe into existence can do that???!
I mean for goodness sake, he S P O K E it into being. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. 
Your business is his.
Your leadership is his. 
Your harvest is in his hands.
Make sure you are right with Him, work your business diligently and watch what happens!!!
Not on your timing, but his! 💖 
His timing is always perfect!